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tiny house trailer foundations

PAD Series

Since 2006, thousands of tiny houses have been built on our PAD Series tiny house trailers. It's a time tested design that we developed from the ground up solely as a tiny house foundation. Our trailers are loaded with important features allowing you maximum flexibility in designing and building your tiny house.

You can't go wrong building your house on our PAD Series tiny house trailer.

Standard Features

Our Servuces

Extra Wide Frame

We've maximized our standard frame width to the towable limit without the need for special trip permits. The frame extensions are 100 inches wide with the fenders being at the legal highway limit of 102 inches.  A little extra room makes a big difference inside a tiny house.  When it comes to tiny houses, wider is better.


Recessed Crossmembers

We attach cross-members underneath the frame which allows for six inches of floor insulation without having to elevate your subfloor at all.  There's room for full size 2x6 lumber as floor joists so there's no need for steel support in contact with your subfloor.


Rim Joist Anchor Holes

5/8 inch diameter anchor holes located about every 24 inches along the main frame to permanently attach your rim joist. Then use joist hangers to attach floor joists to the rim joist for an easy and very solid floor structure.


Perimeter Flanges

Perimeter flange on all sides of the trailer, engineered to support your walls and roof. We pre-drill all the holes around the entire perimeter to easily and securely anchor the bottom plates of your walls.


All LED Lighting

LED lights are the only lights we use.  They require less power and are brighter than incandescent lights.  They're completely sealed and impervious to water and corrosion.  And most importantly, they always work when you need them.


Axle Placement

A significant reason to buy a dedicated tiny house trailer (whether it's an Iron Eagle or some other brand) is proper axle position.  We've positioned the axles of our tiny house trailer for optimal balance and towing characteristics.  Tiny houses typically have a unique center of gravity and can pose balance and stability challenges when built on a trailer that's deigned to haul a car.

Optional Features

Optional Features
Leveling Jacks

A set of four leveling jacks that are attached under the frame at each corner.

Fender Flashing

Fender flashing is a weather barrier that stops water from migrating across the top of the wheel fenders and into your house.


“ Iron Eagle makes extremely well-constructed and affordable trailers using box tube steel framing that resists twisting and flexing forces better than channel or angle iron framing, while also completely enclosing and protecting the wiring. Their trailers last for decades. .”

Naj Haus

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